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December 20, 2008

Chad Knaus…The long sad history of cheating.

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Below is a list of the infractions Chad has gotten in just the last few years. If you can look at this rather long list and not consider him a cheater then you must be a Hendricks fan or you are just fine with cheating. If you are an honest man then you must look at Mr Knaus’s long history of cheating and wonder why Nascar has not banned him. 

10/2001 (#92 team) Fined $750 for Windshield Clips (too small). 

7/2002 (#48 team) Fined $25,000 for Offset mounting bolts for the front of the truck trailing arms 

9/2002 (#48 team) Fined $5,000 for Inappropriate language during interview at Dover. 

5/2003 (#48 team) (at The Winston) Fined $1,000 for Unapproved Air Directional Device. 

5/2003 (#48 team) (at the Coca Cola 600 THE NEXT WEEK) Fined $2,500 for Unapproved use of a refrigerant near the fuel system 

2004 Didn’t get caught 

3/2005 (#48 team) 2 race suspension and $35,000 Fine for the car being too low in post race inspection at Las Vegas. HOWEVER, upon appeal, the 2 race suspension was set aside and he instead was given 90-day probation. 

2/2006 (#48 team) 4 race suspension, $25,000 Fine and probation until Dec 31, 2006 for Unapproved Template modification to the rear window area. He was ejected from Daytona. *It was no minor infraction either. The glass in Johnson’s rear window had a bulge that redirected the flow of the air as it rushed across his car’s roof at 190 mph. Johnson’s qualifying run was voided. And Knaus, who has been caught bending the rules five previous times, was issued a one-race penalty that NASCAR has hinted could be extended. 

6/2007 (#48 team) 6 race suspension, $100,000 Fine and probation until Dec 31, 2007 for front fender being too wide (unapproved template modification). 

This list shows why  the 48 and 24 seem to always have such good seasons…. they cheat, plain and simple. I can guarantee you that Jimmie and Jeff aren’t ignorant of this fact and are indeed accomplice’s to it as well.

 I hear time and time again what good drivers both Jimmie and Jeff are, and I would argue that a good driver knows whats going on with his car, and being that they are good drivers they must know about the cheating.

You might as well add the 88 in as well. Although Dale Jr. has no where near the talent of Jimmie and Jeff, him and the Eury gang can cheat with the best of them****.

 It seems that the entire HMS operation is full of cheaters AND crooks(Rick himself). But I guess that’s expected when you work for a convicted felon who just happens to have a presidential pardon from another crook(Clinton).

****Ha Ha…as soon as JR moves to Hendricks he gets caught cheating, what a surprise. This makes me wonder about all his success at speed week. 

The No. 5 car Earnhardt will drive in Saturday’s Nationwide Series opener was impounded by NASCAR on Thursday night after officials discovered the team altered the spoiler to create an aerodynamic advantage following inspection.

The car was returned on Friday morning minus the trunk lid and spoiler, repaired and sent back through inspection. It will be allowed to run in the race.

Joe Balash, the Nationwide Series director, said further sanctions against the team and crew chief Chad Walter will be issued on Tuesday. NASCAR officials considered sending Walter home because the offense was considered blatant, but opted to hold off on what could result in a suspension.

Rick Hendrick is listed as the car owner, but the car is co-owned by Hendrick and Earnhardt and run by JR Motorsports in Mooresville, N.C.

I guess it’s like they say. “Birds of a feather, flock together”. 


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